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Foreigners can acquire land in Mexico but are subject to specific rules. Make sure to read our article to understand this topic: How Can Foreigners Acquire Land In Mexico and Why Do Specific Rules Apply?

Mexico has liberalized many areas of its economy in recent years, but certain areas remain protected from mergers, acquisitions and foreign investment. Foreign corporations have unique options when operating in Mexico. To learn more, have a look at our article: Top 10 Best Practices for Foreign Corporations Operating in Mexico.

From transactions of small beach front properties to large multimillion dollar corporations, IC Abogados S.C. has handled complex acquisitions in Mexico with a cumulative value of more than 50 million dollars, including areas with low title certainty. No transaction that we have  closed has ever been nullified or contested.

We make sure that foreign investors will be authorized to legally conduct business in Mexico and to act on behalf Mexican corporations. We advise and obtain immigration authorizations on behalf of foreign investors.

We have experience advising North American, Mexican and European corporations and entrepreneurs on the incorporation of Mexican subsidiaries, joint-ventures, transfer of shares, capital restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.

Our legal and business knowledge in mergers and acquisitions combined with our experience in administrative law, corporate law and regulatory law position us to provide strategic and comprehensive advice.

Beautiful beach front properties are often required to comply with complex environmental regulations. We have vast experience working in the Mexican Caribbean, where environmental regulations are more stringent than in the rest of the country. We do regulatory law to ensure that your investment has solid legal footing. We have been responsible for regulatory matters on tourism projects, golf courses, residential developments, telecommunications infrastructure, piers, oil and gas infrastructure, energy projects and privately owned projects in environmentally restricted areas and the Federal Maritime Zone.

We also advise on matters of environmental litigation. We have a notable record of settled disputes  between developers and environmental authorities, and have also won disputes when settlements were not advised.

We offer comprehensive advisory and representational services for regulatory compliance, risk identification and risk management in every stage of a project or development. We have firsthand experience in the deregulated telecommunications, electricity and oil and gas sectors.

Finally, we offer advice and representation in national and international public bids.

We have extensive litigation experience in administrative, civil, commercial and constitutional law. Our lawyers have expertise in some of the most complicated areas of law, such as unconstitutionality of laws, Amparo (Habeas Corpus) and construction and operations closures. We have achieved success in environmental, fiscal and tax disputes against authorities.

We have recovered or saved millions of USD on behalf of our clients.

We provide legal services to companies that have suffered a loss or damage in their assets due to criminal acts.