With over 20 years of experience Cesar has worked on over a thousand complex trial cases. He is a recognized and sought-after litigator with a remarkable ability to win cases in diverse areas of law. His vast expertise ranges from civil litigation to very specialized areas such as electoral, administrative and constitutional law. He even has knowledge of agricultural law, allowing him to identify the precise procedure to resolve controversies over former farming land and areas with urbanization potential.

In electoral law Cesar has been the attorney for publicly elected officials and political parties in a multitude of cases. He has represented companies and citizens against tax authorities, winning cases that were crucial for the sustainability of their businesses. Cesar is the lawyer that you love to have on your side and that you fear on your adversary´s side.

Cesar is frequently invited to speak at the Casa de la Cultura Juridica of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice. Currently he teaches constitutional law and administrative law among other seasonal courses at the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro.

Cesar obtained his law degree with magna cum laude honours from the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro in 1998. He studied a Masters in Law, attained a post graduate specialization in constitutional law and Amparo, and furthered his post-graduate studies in electoral law.

Cesar is a member of the Asociacion de Profesionales del Derecho en Querétaro A.C., and has been an adviser to the Congress of the State of Queretaro.

Cesar is fluent in Spanish and English.